IAMEVE Premieres “Starman” Video at Flux  
at the Hammer Museum October 12

September 22, 2016 - Los Angeles, CA - IAMEVE, a spell-binding storyteller who merges electronic music textures and visual dreamscapes, will premiere her debut single and video “Starman” on October 12 at UCLA’s prestigious Hammer Museum at the acclaimed Flux screening series. Known for screening innovative short films, music videos, filmmaker retrospectives, and interesting visual work from around the globe, Flux is the ideal venue to premiere the ambitious work that is “Starman.”

“Starman” was co-produced with David Christophere of the classic electronic outfit Rabbit In The Moon, and directed by Thor Freudenthal (Percy Jackson, Diary of A Wimpy Kid). IAMEVE’s Starman is played by Keon Alexander, currently beloved on FX’s Tyrant. The surrealistic love story is told in this mesmerizing music video, with IAMEVE painted in sacred geometry by body artist Michael Rosner. All will be present for a post screening Q&A, followed by a live performance. Following the performance, Flux hosts a reception in the Hammer Museum’s courtyard. IAMEVE and Keon Alexander will be available for social media photos. 
The video unfolds with Starman being “called to wake” to reunite with Eve in a most unusual multi- dimensional landscape and representing what IAMEVE describes as “the essential balance of masculine and feminine”. “Starman” is part of a fantastical tale IAMEVE is releasing, called The Everything Nothing, which will combine music and multiple forms of visual media, including a five song EP, in 2017.
IAMEVE, the mysterious artist who lives inside “Starman’s” painted other-wordly Eve, has a unique backstory. Like so many who relate to the Bowie-esque, Stranger in a Strange Land aesthetic, love stories and visual art, and possess a diverse musical background, she found herself called to Los Angeles – the story city.  Shortly after arriving, a massive accident left her with a bionic elbow and unable to play guitar or piano. 

“Lying there still, it caused me to open up to untested ways of creating because I needed a new set of tools to keep going. Electronic production had always been a passion and something I had experimented with, but this caused me to move fully in that direction. It freed me up and gave me an entirely new soundscape that feels so much more in tune with the world I am creating.”

With influences including Rodin, Bowie, Terry Gilliam, Dali, Kate Bush, Geiger, Lewis Carroll, Tim Burton, Tolkien, and Dune, “Starman” and upcoming, The Everything Nothing, will extend the fantasy of inner and outer space across Los Angeles and beyond.   

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For more information please see http://iameveami.com/. For press information, please contact Susan von Seggern on susan@susanvonseggern.com or 213-840-0077 or Bonnie Burkert at bonnienburkert1@gmail.com or 213-200-0786.